Merryland Dance Studio at Playa Vista provides a loving, imaginative, creative, and nurturing environment for children and adults to study and to appreciate the art of dance. We’ve assembled the finest teaching staff, with each teacher being charged with the responsibility of creating a class lesson plan that will be fun, educational and will follow the fundamentals of the Merryland Dance Studio method of dance instruction for all ages. The students at Merryland Dance Studio study dance in a safe and comfortable environment.

The Mission of the Merryland Dance Studio is to redefine the culture of adult dance training by focusing on the unique potential of each dancer.  MDS is real dance for real people! MDS nurtures every student to the best of his/her abilities and always thoughtfully and compassionately considers personal limitations with kindness and acceptance.

Our Adult Learner classes empower Beginners to learn the fundamentals of the art of dance as well as classical dance techniques. Students build on those fundamentals, enabling them to learn progressions across the floor and finally to dance without the barre. There is zero intimidation factor at MLD. We create and maintain a thoroughly supportive and non-competitive environment. Each respective class at MLD is technically-focused and fosters progress for every dancer. Our dancers’ success and satisfaction are our number one priority.

“If my life’s journey has taught me anything, it’s that you have to trust and believe in yourself and your dreams above all else.  The decisions you make, on the path you take, create your uniquely adventurous journey through life.  And how blessed am I to be able to express myself through my love of dancing and share that love with others for a living!?  I pinch myself daily, I swear.  Really, I do!”